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Enchantingly beautiful and dangerously addictive. Femme Fatale Miss Lyla Rose will have you instinctively kneeling before Her supermodel figure, ready to begin your life of worship at Her perfect Princess feet.  As a Transsexual Woman Miss Rose has a wealth of life experience that gives Her a deeper understanding of how your filthy little mind works.  Her fun but firm style coupled with Her love of perversion and humiliation make it futile trying to resist this Goddess!

At over 6ft with heels Miss Lyla Rose is a tall, slim, gorgeous and Dominant young Woman with a penchant for controlling, teasing and toying with Her submissive playthings, using beauty, brains and Her BDSM expertise to lure you in and put you in your place. 

Mistress enjoys sensual Domination and having fun at your expense, using your desires against you, testing your subservience to a Superior and exploiting your weaknesses.  Miss takes a great sense of pride seeing a devoted pet develop and grow as a submissive under Her ever watchful gaze and firm hand. 

Under Miss Rose's control you will be an obedient, well behaved and submissive toy for Her to play with however She feels like.  Those in Her good books may earn themselves the pleasure of worshipping Her silky soft soles, or the honour of massaging Her perfect body.  Insolence on the other hand will be reprimanded with punishments accordingly.

Do not be fooled by the angelic looks and sensual approach of Miss Rose, as She harbours a sadistic streak that finds great amusement seeing Her toys cry out in pain or pleasure.

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